Breakfast For Kids at the Hard Rock Cafe Saturday April 26

Rock 'N Roll Kids Breakfast 4.26.14

New Year’s Resolution: If It Must Be Fast Food, Make It Veggie Grill

veggie grill westlake village
Our family was delighted when Veggie Grill opened up a location right here in Westlake Village.

Specifically, my 6-year-old son Brady was delighted. You see, he believes that Veggie Grill makes the world’s best macaroni and cheese, his favorite food.

He will not hear it if you try to tell him that it’s not actually cheese, and the macaroni is made out of quinoa.

In fact, everything at Veggie Grill is made with a non-dairy, meat-free substitute…or it’s just made out of vegetables. The mantra of the company is “We do our best to fuel you with delicious, nutritious calories.”

Brady and I attended an opening preview night of this newest location, and we got to sample a lot of different dishes. Well, Brady pretty much stuck with mac & cheese and pudding for dessert. But I took several bites of many things, and brought items home for my husband to taste, too.

veggie grill food

Standouts included:

Kale Caesar salad topped with Tempeh bacon, which, I swear to you, tastes just like bacon.

Sweet potato fries

Grillin Chickin’ sandwich – the patty didn’t actually taste like chicken (neither did the “chicken” fingers) but the sandwich’s toppings combined with the patty made a very satisfying meal

Carrot cake – the best I’ve ever tasted, really

I’ve also eaten at the Encino location, and there I tried the portabello mushroom sandwich, which was quite delicious. Brady loves the array of lemonades and iced teas, but he always opted for strawberry lemonade instead of trying more than one.

veggie grill drinks

At Veggie Grill you can get a quick, healthy meal in a fast casual setting. It’s in the same plaza as Trader Joe’s, so good luck finding parking, but once you’re in, it’s definitely worth it. And a bonus for being in Ventura County? They serve alcohol.

Veggie Grill
3825 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Night School Is In Session – Introduction to Brown Spirits at PS 805

Now that Halloween is done, it’s time to get acquainted with spirits of a different kind.

whiskey class
I’ve been to PS 805 twice now, once for their opening and once for a casual dining and drinking experience with several friends. Both times the food was excellent. I fondly remember the drinks, too. My favorite part of both evenings, though, was the atmosphere at the restaurant. The interior dining room, the bar tables, and the covered outdoor area are all abuzz with conversation and energy during the dinner and late-dinner hours. What better place to learn more about cocktails and how to make them?
Next week, for a pretty low price, cozy up to the bar with 9 of your new best friends for “Introduction to Brown Spirits – A Drinking & Eating Class.”

– A Brief History of Brown Spirits with Public School Mixologist Colin Kerr

– Four Classic Cocktails illustrating the differences in Brown Spirits

– Four Seasonal Chef Bite Creations, incorporating whiskey in each dish and created by Head Chef Nathan Heartman

– 10 Seats Only

– Nightly at 6pm Monday, November 18th – Wednesday, November 20th

– By reservation only, $25 per person.

– Call to make a reservation early: (805) 379-3909

Since there are only 10 seats for each of the 3 sessions, you should probably get on this right now.