Icential: the Wrap-around Ice Pack

Our family is an active one – I like to take the boys on picnics, on hikes, to the beach, and other activities that sometimes require long car trips. We’re also fairly frugal so I often pack snacks for these trips or even entire meals.

My favorite picnic/snack hauler is a soft-sided cooler bag. It’s basically a large insulated bag that you can carry over your shoulder. I would put hard ice packs or sometimes zip top plastic bags full of ice cubes in it to keep the food and drinks cold.

icential lemonade

But then I met Icential, and I won’t be going back to that!

Icential Coolwraps are flexible sets of Gool+ Gel packs that you can wrap around your food or drinks, or attach together with Velcro to create larger cooling “blankets.”

We use the wraps most often to line the inside of our soft-sided cooler bag. But they are pretty handy for wrapping around your water bottle, or a bottle of white wine to keep chilled outside on the patio without a drippy mess.

The wraps come in pink or blue. We have both, which is fun, because I like to grab a pink one to wrap around my water bottle to keep it cold in the car.

A set of 2 Icential wraps is $19.95. You can order them from Amazon or directly from the company, which is based in Westlake Village! I wonder if they take walk-ins…

I received two free sets of Icential Cool Wraps to facilitate this feature.

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