Gear Review: Contigo Water Bottle To Keep Drinks Cold

Use the Flip Chill bottle when it’s extra hot outside to keep cold liquids cold longer.

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My kids participate in sports leagues outside of school, and one of the must-haves that go with them to every practice or game is a reusable water bottle. We have at least 2 dozen of them in various states of cleanliness and in various locations at any given time: in my car, in their dad’s car, in their sports bag, in their other sports bag, or worst, left behind at the sports field or venue.


That’s better than getting a new plastic bottle of water every time we go somewhere though. And I hope that when we misplace or lose one, someone else finds it, washes it well, and makes use of it.

Now that summer is coming again and California is in a drought, leaving us all parched and dry and drinking more water than usual, those water bottles are even more important. My younger son plays baseball a few times a week, and when there are games, it’s usually blazing hot and the sun beats directly down on the dugout. That means that any water he brings, even if I put ice in the bottle, basically gets heated up while he’s on the field.

Contigo Flip Chill Water Bottle


It’s a perfect time to test out a new bottle. Contigo’s new Flip Chill water bottle has Thermalock Vacuum Insulation – it’s a double wall of stainless steel between your beverage and the elements that is meant to keep the cold inside. I have been a fan of the Contigo water bottle for several years. This one has a flip-top spout that can be locked back down when not being used, keeping the sipping area hidden. That way the place where your child puts his mouth is less likely to be rolled in the dirt that accumulates in the dugout from the field.

We tested the bottle at baseball practices and games, and at school. Each time, I filled the bottle with cold water and ice and sent the boy on his way.

At school, it worked perfectly. The bottle comes into class with my son or he leaves it in his backpack, which is under shade most of the day. He reported that his water stayed cold until he finished it.

At the field, though, the sun was just too strong, and this particular bottle only comes in a 10 oz. size, which is perfect for younger kids. My 8-year-old plays hard, though, and while the bottle kept the water cold, that water was gone quickly. Refills from the baseball field’s water fountain were only mildly cold.

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The bottle is certainly an improvement on just a plain old single-walled one, and we do really like it. It’s good for car rides, school days, even short hikes. If it ever comes in a larger size, that will be the perfect one for my big sweaty boys.

Contigo AUTOSPOUTĀ® Flip Chill Kids Water Bottle

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