Looking Forward to Summer 2015 at Knott’s Berry Farm

In a few weekends I’ll be heading down to Knott’s Berry Farm to check out the new ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef!

voyage iron reef knotts

Surfacing May 2015, Voyage to the Iron Reef™ is a spectacular new interactive 4-D ride for the entire family. Riders aim their freeze rays at menacing sea creatures while competing against each other to blast the highest score and save Knott’s from a watery doom.

Good enough for me. I have two young boys – one is a daredevil and one doesn’t like thrill rides. But he does like video games. I’m thinking this new ride will get him to try out a new experience and maybe enjoy a day at an amusement park like he did when he was only 5.
nighttime at knott's
Last time I came to Knott’s with my younger son, who loved not only the roller coasters but also the amazing variety of live entertainment at the park. Basically we went from one live show to another, fitting a ride in between. I’m hoping the other kid enjoys the shows too because another new feature this summer at Knott’s will be Vertical Impact, Geared Up, a high energy show combing acrobatics and extreme sports along with current music and an after-party. Show runs June 13 – August 23 (no shows on Mondays & Tuesdays)
I will be a guest of Knott’s Berry Farm and Giga Savvy. The opinions in this post are my own.

Wordless Wednesday: January

january weather

Raise your hand if your house hasn’t caught up with the weather outside. I’m wearing a turtleneck because I’m inside, working. But when I walked outside to get the mail, BOOM. Suddenly it’s summer again.

Gone Fishing

Agoura Hills Mom is still here, folks. I haven’t posted in quite a while because I whisked my children off to the East Coast for most of the month of July. Recovering took a while when we came back, but today is that Sunday that is muggy and overcast, and it feels just like New England, so it’s kind of like the best(?) of both worlds.

I’ll get back to regular updates and newsworthy items soon but for now perhaps you’d like to see a photo of my garden:


Basically since I planted some seedlings back in February, they all grew amazingly huge. Those tall leafy plants in the back right are kale. Under those are peppers and cucumbers. To the left is a space where the fava bean plants grew as tall as the kale but the pods never produced any edible beans so we cut them down already. That long vine with yellow fruit growing on it is a spaghetti squash plant that miraculously grew out of the trench composting area. And behind all that is the slowly-but-surely growing rosemary bush.

How has your summer been going?