The Garage: An Awesome Experience

Welcome to Teens’ Paradise

by Kyle Prince

The Agoura Hills Recreation Event Center has a program for ages ten and up where you can go and hang out after school. The name? The Garage. Just by looking at the two story building you can see some of the best times waiting to happen. Why? Well,

  • There is a Wii U with Super Smash Bros. 4 (and everyone loves Smash) and an Xbox
  • There are fun real life games like ping-pong, board games, decks of cards, etc.
  • The upstairs is a relaxation range, the downstairs is fun fanatics
  • They sometimes have special field trips when they take you to special places
  • They have special events!

Tonight’s special event is Jurassic World Movie Night!

Teen Nights-March Flyer


Celebrate the Rec Center’s One Year Anniversary January 22

This Friday, January 22, will mark one year since the opening of the new Agoura Hills Recreation Center up on the hill behind the library. All classes and programs have moved over to the new building. It has been a joy for our family going up there twice a week for most of the year to participate in programs and sports classes.

Look how beautiful.

agoura hills recreation center new locationPhoto courtesy of the city of Agoura Hills

The event space is large and looks out over the city. The reception area is spacious and well laid-out. And a new space that opened last year, The Garage, is reserved for teens and pre-teens and gives them a place to hang out after school and play games or just relax.

On Friday there will be a whole schedule of tours and events to celebrate this milestone, capped by a movie night in the event space – showing E.T. and featuring free popcorn and hot chocolate! If you haven’t been up there yet, now is the time to check it out!

one year agoura hills