GiftYou: An Easy Way to Say “Here’s What You Can Get For Me”

giftYou is an easy new way to share wish lists and gift ideas – complete with sizes, color preferences, and more – with your friends and family.

giftyou socks

These socks are on my giftYou list

Now that we’re in holiday season, family and friends keep asking me for gift ideas for my kids. What sizes are they now, including shoes? What clothes do they especially need? I have the same questions about my sister’s kids and she is terrible at getting back to me. (I am also terrible at getting back to people, but it’s more fun to throw her under the bus.)

But what if there was a central place you could keep all this information? Not just for you and your own kids, but for all the people you love to shower with gifts throughout the year? This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until it popped up in my life: giftYou!

giftyou logo

giftYou is an online tool that makes it easy to create and share gift wish lists with friends and family. Creator Richard Fields says he and his techie partners “wanted to make the gift giving process easier on ourselves (and in turn, easier for everyone else, too)!  Most of us love giving and receiving gifts… but, quite frankly, it can sometimes be a bit stressful.”

Wish Lists For Everyone!

giftYou goes beyond Amazon’s wish lists (although it uses Amazon links to populate your list easily) by allowing you to easily share wish lists among groups of family and friends. “At giftYou, you simply create a group, invite everyone you want to join, and that’s it,” says Fields.  “Everyone in the group will have their wish lists shared with each other automatically, instead of each person having to manually share each separate wish list with one another.”

giftyou wish list

Plus, giftYou can add links to any online retailer, AND indicate your general preferences and the kinds of things you like, so that people can choose their own gifts for you instead of picking something directly off your wish list. You can use it for this season’s gifting holidays and keep it around for birthdays and other occasions.

When you log in (for free!) and create you own account, you are prompted to start a wish list for yourself. You can also create a wish list and preferences for a dependent or someone else in your family. giftYou is easy to use on your mobile phone too – it’s optimized for that format so you don’t have to download a separate app to use it.

Other cool functions: when someone wants to buy something for you from the wish list, they can “claim” it, but you won’t see who it is! And, the site makes sure gifts aren’t claimed more than once. It’s kind of like an awesome group gift registry.

There’s Still Time

So if you’ve been meaning to gather some ideas for your family to send presents for the kids that you know they would love, instead of blindly ordering the latest hot toy from the internet, try out And make a wish list for yourself while you’re at it!

I promise you this post is not just a giant hint for you to click through and send me presents. The wish list I posted above is just for an example. (I already asked Santa for these things, so since I’ve been a good girl this year, I think I’m all set.) What I really want is a shiny new car. I wonder if that can go on a wish list? Hmm…

Many thanks to for partnering with me on this post. Shout out to Fairy Season for the photo and the existence of the awesome socks. Happy holidays!

Wikets Is the App With the Best Tagline

Wiket Awesome!

That is the default text that is entered when you recommend a product, place, app, or anything else on Wikets, the app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to tell your friends what you like.  You can also search for things and places that your friends like.  And you all get to share the rewards.

For example, I recommended Pandora on Wikets, because I simply love it.  It’s an online streaming “radio” that plays music based on songs and artists that you enter.  And it’s free!  If one of the people who follows me on Wikets – one of my friends – is browsing Wikets looking for a cool music app, she might see my rec for Pandora and decide to use it.  Her life will be changed forever…for example, it is because of Pandora that I found out I like Ke$ha.

For the irony, of course.

Now Wikets has added the ability for you to attach a YouTube video to any of your recommendations (or “recs” as the Wikets folk abbreviate them).  I recommended Storitz, the public storage facility, and attached this video that I shot for them last year.

Now people can view this kind of video preview of something that they are interested in buying or downloading, which gives them an even better idea about what they’re getting into. When you share recs, or re-rec, or buy things that someone rec’ed, you earn points toward an gift card. So everybody wins!

Be careful. It’s addictive, kind of like anything else that is Wiket Awesome that you can use on an iPhone.  If you do start using Wikets, enter the promo code KTPRINCE to get 200 points just for signing up.

I was compensated by Wikets for the time I put into testing and writing about the app.