The Dime Picnic: a Wine, Beer, and Food Festival

The Dime Picnic

The people who brought the SIPurbia Wine and Beer Festival to Paramount Ranch are back with a new plan: a “daycation,” if you will. The Dime Picnic, with tastings of local wines, beers, spirits, and food, will be held at a private estate in Hidden Valley on October 14. But this time, there are only 1,000 tickets to be sold!

sipurbia dime picnic logo

Ticket prices are $100 each for the first 100 tickets, and $200 each for VIP (only 50 of these available). All tastings AND food are included in those prices! Spoiler alert: there’s a discount code at the bottom of this post!

Where’s Hidden Valley? Well, it’s so hidden that I had to Google it: it’s basically across Potrero from Westlake Elementary School. In other words, a beautiful area for guests to mingle with friends, check out the vendors, and enjoy live entertainment.

This is good news because SIPurbia was so much fun. Allow me to tell you about it in pictures:

A gorgeous location

Cute photo booth

For a good cause

Interesting (and tasty) vendors

sipurbia dime picnic

…and friends around every corner.

In case you hadn’t noticed, sundresses both short and flowing, flowery jumpsuits, and hats were the most common fashions seen at Paramount Ranch that day. So get your tickets now, and don’t put away those stylish summer digs yet. It’s bound to be nice and warm in October in The Bubble.

The even better news is that if you use the discount code AHM25 when you buy your tickets you’ll get 25% percent off! That is a great deal! Pass it on, friends, and I’ll see you in October. I might be wearing a floppier hat. The cowboy hat makes my head hurt, even though it’s cute.

The Dime Picnic
TIME:  3 – 8 P.M. (last call 7:30 p.m.)

The Inspired Tea Collection – Clothing for Children of the World

photo by Cherie Lynn Buchanan
Emily Meyer, photo by Cherie Lynn Buchanan

I met Emily Meyer, founder of Tea Collection, at a creative retreat last month. She is a genuine creative – she sees beauty in the world and is inspired by it to create clothing for children that passes on that feeling. Her company has flourished under her creative direction, and she still gets to travel the world with her children, seeking new inspiration and more ways to share her ideas with people.


The clothing itself is high quality and just darling. They make great lasting gifts for children. I love leafing through their catalogs (either physically or online) to see the imaginative ways the pieces can be combined and layered. It’s hard, writing this in the heat of early fall in Southern California, to imagine wearing all of those layers, but as the weather turns it will be a delight for kids to frolic around in the latest designs.


Get a load of these pajamas.

tea collection pajamas

We never stop thinking of ways to bring back stories to you of our world travels. We dream of cultural connection in hopes to inspire your little citizen to dream big, too. All proceeds from the purchase of these pajamas go to support the work of the Global Fund for Children.

Tea Collection wants YOU to save 15% off any full-priced items on their website! Use the promo code PRINCE15 from October 31st, 2014 – November 24th, 2014. (It cannot be used on any 3rd party merchandise.) You will love the quality and style of this clothing. Here’s another post that shows off more of the adorable designs.