The Garage Hosts Teen Valentine’s Day Dance Friday February 12



The Garage is the teens-only activity space at The Agoura Hills Recreation Center. This Friday they are hosting a Valentine’s Day Party and Dance!

teen valentine party the garage

Shaking Those Bodies

The most amusing thing about my children listening to music is the way they react physically:  it’s as if their bodies are little tuning forks, vibrating from head to toe with the joy of hearing a favorite song or discovering a new one.  They dance to everything from the music on those maddening plastic toys to Yo Yo Ma.  That’s why I long to expose them to the pleasures of dance instruction.  Considering that they’re both boys and their father is a bit, ahem, traditional in that way, I know dance classes will be an uphill battle for us.

In the meantime, I can at least bring them to shows where other kids dance, and maybe they’ll get some instruction as part of audience interaction.  Starting June 18 at the Madrid Theater in Canoga Park, the kids can be exposed to many different styles of music at the weekly offerings of the Valley Cultural Center’s “Monday Morning Concerts For Children” Series.

Every week during the summer at 10AM, the Center brings a professional musical act to the Madrid Theater so children can get an interactive experience with musicians and artists.  There is often audience participation, and the events are FREE (reservations required).  Great way to start off those summer weeks!