Wikets Is the App With the Best Tagline

Wiket Awesome!

That is the default text that is entered when you recommend a product, place, app, or anything else on Wikets, the app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to tell your friends what you like.  You can also search for things and places that your friends like.  And you all get to share the rewards.

For example, I recommended Pandora on Wikets, because I simply love it.  It’s an online streaming “radio” that plays music based on songs and artists that you enter.  And it’s free!  If one of the people who follows me on Wikets – one of my friends – is browsing Wikets looking for a cool music app, she might see my rec for Pandora and decide to use it.  Her life will be changed forever…for example, it is because of Pandora that I found out I like Ke$ha.

For the irony, of course.

Now Wikets has added the ability for you to attach a YouTube video to any of your recommendations (or “recs” as the Wikets folk abbreviate them).  I recommended Storitz, the public storage facility, and attached this video that I shot for them last year.

Now people can view this kind of video preview of something that they are interested in buying or downloading, which gives them an even better idea about what they’re getting into. When you share recs, or re-rec, or buy things that someone rec’ed, you earn points toward an Amazon.com gift card. So everybody wins!

Be careful. It’s addictive, kind of like anything else that is Wiket Awesome that you can use on an iPhone.  If you do start using Wikets, enter the promo code KTPRINCE to get 200 points just for signing up.

I was compensated by Wikets for the time I put into testing and writing about the app.