Random Delightful Gift: the Footput

I live with two boys and a man. They are constantly putting their feet up on the coffee table – with shoes on, without shoes on, without shoes or socks on…I know. Gross. I never put anything on the coffee table anymore that I want to stay clean and sanitary.

But then I saw this invention that seems like one of those things that you don’t know you needed until someone comes along and convinces you otherwise. Kind of like the iPhone.

Introducing the Footput!

It’s a pillow for your feet so you can rest them on any surface. The company’s marketing tag line is “Comfort, Style…and Acceptability.”

It’s literally just a pillow…but it’s for your feet. That’s it. Genius, really. What makes the Footput a thing I wanted, though, is the website. It takes itself just a skosh less seriously than it has to, and that makes me love it.

“Ever since humans grew feet, they have yearned to put those feet on the coffee table. Yet society frowned. Until now.”

Even the color selection has a funny one: “Harvest Gold or something.”

I asked for and received a complimentary Footput in Moroccan Print so that I could test it in actual real life and tell you about it. On a weeknight, I snuck downstairs in my jammies and made a cup of hot cocoa after the rest of the family had gone to bed, and settled in for some TV and putting my feet up. I don’t know why I felt I had to do this in secret. I mean, it’s all about social acceptability, right? But I wanted some alone time with my new Footput, and also when the kids are awake they insist on the most mind-numbing TV shows, so after bedtime was the best.

I’m happy to say the Footput kept my feet nice and comfortable through an entire episode of Kevin Can Wait. That was about 25 minutes. After that I was just ready to go to bed. Does that mean the Footput is the gateway to sleeping? Perhaps. Maybe they’ll add that to their website. “The Footput; comfort, style, acceptability, and a natural sleep aid.” Or maybe I was just really tired.

In the end though, I think it’s just that I’m not a feet-on-the-table type of gal. But I’m also a person who gets grossed out when others do it. So thank goodness I now have a Footput I can chuck at the latest offender, not-so-gently suggesting he put this pillow beneath his feet.

The Footput
$25-$34 plus shipping
Made in the US

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