The New Slapjack: Spot It!

Our family recently received a sample of the new card game Spot It! by Blue Orange games.  In fact, the company sent us two – so first I played it with Kid 1 and then we gifted the other set to one of his friends.  It was sort of an accident – he stuck the original one into his backpack when he went to his first ever slumber party, and the kids played it and loved it, so I told the host mom that the boy could keep it.  After all, it was his birthday.

Spot It! is a hit with our small sampling of 7-year-old boys because, I suspect, there are two things the game features that this demographic loves:  racing and smashing.  When you play Spot It!, you race the other players to find a match for your card.  Then when you do, you smash your card down on the pile of other cards.  First person to get rid of all his or her cards wins.

I suppose Blue Orange Games doesn’t condone the whole smashing part of the game.  I mean, it’s easy enough to simply place your card on the top of the pile when you know you have a match.  But come on.  These are 7-year-old boys I’m talking about.

Anyway, the cards are round, come in a fancy tin, and have cute pictures on them.  You have to find a matching picture on your card to any of the pictures on the card that’s on the top of the pile.  You yell out the name of the matching picture and your card becomes the next top card.  That’s it.  It’s so simple that your whole family can play together, and it becomes intense pretty quickly.  We all liked it.

Spot It! is selling for $11.97 on Amazon, and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  Our family received two copies of the game in order to facilitate this feature.

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