Pizza Stuffers: Better Than Snarfing a Granola Bar

So, this is random. I was offered a pack of Totino’s Pizza Stuffers for my family to taste to facilitate a review. I was pretty happy about that because it’s free food and something easy to cook AND who doesn’t love pizza?


Have I made that part clear?

My kids didn’t like the Pizza Stuffers. Because my kids are weird.

I had to explain to them what a calzone is, because they’ve never had one, and basically these are calzones without the grease. They’re nice happy, pockets of hot cheesy, saucy, and pepperoni (optional) goodness. They’re baked, so they’re somewhat healthier. What could go wrong?

Oh yeah, my children’s picky food oddities.

So there I am, with two piping hot pepperoni Pizza Stuffers all steamy and smelling good, sitting in front of my face, rejected by my two boys who will eat only chicken dinosaurs, hot dogs, and the occasional cucumber slice. And I am hungry. And so I grab and eat one.

And then I eat the other.

And then I make a vow to only bake one at a time, because boy, they are tasty.

Like so many other parents, I have a jam-packed schedule that includes dropping kids off at school, picking kids up from school, bringing them to activities, chasing them around the house, basically serving their every need. In between I have work and housework and a number other matters to attend to. I can’t exactly build in a lot of time to make elaborate meals for myself. So heating up a Pizza Stuffer? Easy, requires little to no supervision, and results in a hot, one-handed meal for me. I can eat it while I type this. (I’m not doing that, but I could is all I’m saying.)

Sometimes, a hot pocket of goodness is way better than a granola bar. And um, I didn’t leave any for my husband. (Don’t tell him.)

Like I said, I was sent a chilled box of frozen Totino’s for review.  I was not compensated for this post, unless you count melted cheese as currency.

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