Natural Vines Passed the Taste Test

I got a couple of bags of Natural Vines brand licorice – one red and one black – to taste and feature on the blog. I accepted the pitch because it is advertised as “all natural” candy, and my kids LOVE candy. I figured if I can get a healthier alternative than all-sugar Gummi Bears, why not try it?

Of course the kids loved the red Natural Vines bits. They are bite-sized and only 17 calories, so I tried them too, and I am impressed by their sweet but not-too-cloying flavor, like I find in Twizzlers. I’ve never been a Twizzler fan, not even after they built replicas of major national landmarks at the BlogHer conference in San Diego this month. I’m talking the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Believe it.

So the red version of Natural Vines was a hit. But nobody in my family would even try the black. We actually opened the bag and smelled it, but no go. Sorry, black licorice. You are taste for very specific people, and we are not them, not even with your naturalness and real licorice extract. I got rid of them using Facebook (what else?) to find a local friend who is into that sort of thing and knows me well enough to not be grossed out that we already opened the bag. Her husband ate them. “I’d buy them,” is his review.

Long story short, I don’t mind giving Natural Vines to the children as a reward if it’s not full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. And I’m secretly glad that they share my distate for black licorice.

I did not receive compensation for this post – only the free product that facilitated the taste test.

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