Herban Concocts Healthy Products Right In Our Own Backyard

Tucked away in an industrial strip on Canoga Ave. north of Nordhoff in Canoga Park is Herban Body Care‘s factory and showroom.  Dana Sue makes vegan body care products right there on Canoga Ave.  I know there are a lot of things that are made in the Valley, but it still surprises and delights me every time I learn about a product that I love that is made so close to home.

Last month I attended Herban’s open house.  I wandered through the shop and the showroom, breathing in the glorious scent of lavender and picking up every product on the shelves and smelling it.  I had tried an Herban product years ago and loved it so hard I had to scrape the last dregs from the container, and I was so lucky to receive a box of goodies from Dana as I left.

My favorite of the samples was the clay bar, which I was told is great for shaving, so I used it to shave one night and I will say that it made my legs feel super silky smooth.  I only wish the sample bar was bigger – looks like I’ll be ordering another pretty soon!

My favorite scent in the line is Grapefruit Sage.  Lavender is fine but it’s so strong, and I prefer the citrus scent over all others.  I recommend Herban for natural body care products, and especially for gifts, because people squee with delight when they receive a nicely presented, lovingly handcrafted product like this.


  1. oooohhhh….maybe you could bring some with you!

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