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favorite minted business card

Minted is a very pretty stationery website, for those moments when you must depart from the digital world and actually use something you can touch. Humans have relied on the ol’ papyrus for thousands of years, and it’s still hanging on and hanging around. I’m still pretty in love with paper – I prefer actual books to digital versions, I use a desk planner in addition to Google calendar and my e-checklists, and if you’ve got elementary school aged kids, you know they still bring home reams of paper every week. At least we recycle.

I’ve seen the fads when you could exchange information with someone you meet in person using a digital device – anyone remember phone “bumping” or those cute little USB gadgets that you could put on your keychain? Yeah, those never really caught on, did they? The best I’ve seen is when someone puts your phone number in their phone, and calls you while you’re both still standing together to put their number on YOUR phone. And then you say goodbye and you never see her again because you didn’t bother to put her name in the contact form with her phone number.

So. The good old fashioned business card. Kinda handy, eh? If you’re going to put your best foot forward, you should have a really nice and eye catching card. I bring home dozens every month from various encounters with other adult humans. Yes, I still get to have them, but it takes a lot of effort. Anyway, when I think about a person I met however long ago, I can usually picture myself putting his card into my little drawer where I keep them. It helps if he had a memorable card and I know what I’m looking for. It helps for the card to be awesome, like some of these:


classic minted business card

Shape Change-Up

square minted business cardWhimsical

whimsical minted business card

All of the above are printed on Minted’s fancy paper, which feels good to the touch and makes people take you more seriously. Look, a free business card made with one of those free business card websites or printed on your own computer can also get the job done. But if you want your biz card to be memorable, the material makes a difference.

I received credit toward business cards to facilitate this feature. All opinions are my own.


  1. Minted cards look awesome. I want them. (Like now!)

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