Brushing Teeth With Kids’ Hello Toothpaste

hello flavors

Since each of my boys sprouted teeth as babies, I’ve only used the toothpaste I could find at my local grocery store, or on occasion, Target. The kids eventually made their preferences known, and they usually choose the watermelon flavor of the major brand’s kids’ toothpaste. Nobody looks forward to brushing his teeth, despite me trying to make it fun and sing-songy, or using those musical toothbrushes, or light up versions, or setting timers, etc. Basically I just say it to them 40 times “Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth. Have you brushed your teeth? Don’t you move a muscle until you brush your teeth.”

But! Then my first Scout Box came – it’s a box of products that I occasionally receive from the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts Program to try, then share on the internets to tell you about them if I really love them:



Inside, among other products I’ll tell you about later, there were three flavors of a new-to-us toothpaste called Hello.


…and it had us at “Hello.”

The flavors we received are Bubble Gum, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry. Bubble Gum and Raspberry emerged as the kid-chosen front runners, and my favorite part about them are that there are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, triclosan, or dyes. That last one is obvious because the toothpastes are white, not neon green or striped, and when the kids drop some on the bathroom counter, they easily wipe off but in the meantime they are not leaving sticky green glops all over the place. (Somehow white glops aren’t so bad.)

 boy brushing teethReal child using hello on his first day of school. Not staged at all, I promise. (I’m just out of frame in my PJ’s)

The ingredients in the kids’ toothpaste are all listed on the hello website. The company makes an effort to make their products be “earth-friendly” and safe for kids. The price is about the same as the well-known brands, and the product is just better. You can find it in stores or online.

And a bonus – a sample-size of the adult toothpaste came in my ScoutBox so I’ve been using the spearmint flavor and I really love it!

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