Another Great Etsy Shop: Captivation

I don’t wear much jewelry aside from my push present earrings, my watch, and my wedding and engagement rings, which I actually don’t wear everyday because let’s just say my fingers increase in size as the day goes on.

But there is this one necklace that I like to add at the last minute, or sometimes I even build an outfit around it, to boost my confidence as a creative person:

It’s the “SHIFT” key from an old typewriter, set in resin inside a bottle cap from a bottle of Henry Weinhard’s beer.  It came on a long chain, and when I wear it, I feel extra power, both from inside, where I can feel the necklace as an announcement that I AM A WRITER, and from the maker of the necklace, Ellen Rowan, who gave it to me as a gift at an event last summer.  It was part of the gift bag given to all attendees, but still, I feel it personally.  It’s handmade, and whenever I pick it up I can imagine the care that Rowan puts into her creations.  She sells them on Etsy in her shop, reCaptivation.

I recommend. Rowan sells hammered metal pendants and tye-died clothing and accessories.


  1. Oh Kim! This is so cool. I love that wearing a pendant I made is empowering for you! What a gift to me to have that feedback…not to mention the shout out for my store. You rock!!! xo

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