Groceries, Schmoceries. Just Get a Houseguest!

This week, and for much of the summer, we have friends staying with us. They are the mom and dad of a family of four – their little boys are staying with family for the summer, and the mom got a job close by, and they are between homes, so what the heck? What are friends for, right?

Well, turns out friends are for cleaning my kitchen, taking out the garbage, hanging out with my while I do my thrice daily stretching routine, accompanying me to events, watching my kids tonight so I can go out with my husband for our 9th wedding anniversary, and for picking up groceries. I’ll tell you what – it is AWESOME. I highly suggest getting some houseguests for when you are feeling extra overwhelmed. All they want in return is a place to sleep and free access to the country club bar.

Alas, they won’t be here forever, so I’ll eventually have to go grocery shopping again. For people like KIM B. – who won the Albertsons gift bag giveaway – they can put it off at least another day because there is a full dinner in that there bag. Thank you to everyone who entered!

When I do a full shopping trip at Albertsons I will tell you alllll about it.


  1. Thanks again Kim for giving me a day off for dinner shopping 🙂 What a FUN bag full of good food, coupon goodies & wine too! Hope you like Albertsons as much as I do 🙂

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