Cute Valentines I Won’t Be Making

I’m not saying I hate Valentine’s Day, although the thoughts I shared on the “hate” portion of this guest post I wrote for A Dad’s POV does have a little bit of me in it.

And the number one reason women hate Valentine’s Day is:

1.  We don’t have a [boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/partner/wife]. In the days leading up to and including Valentine’s Day, it suddenly seems like everyone we know is in a relationship, and every relationship looks wonderful and romantic. And all of the advertising that companies do to promote their Valentine’s Day specials sounds like it’s saying “Suck it, loser. You’re going to die alone.”

No, I’m kind of on the fence.  I like celebrating my love for my husband and children, and if I had the time to get into crafty Valentine-making, I would probably enjoy that, too.  But the truth is that I don’t make time for crafting unless I have to (when a kid’s homework assignment requires it) and even then I do the bare minimum.  Parents aren’t allowed to do their kids’ homework for them, right?

And so it is with a tinge of envy and an inner “Hell, no, I won’t be making those” that I have happily clicked on and read my blogging peers’ Pinterest-worthy Valentine crafts.  Many of them are easy enough to make if you have the time and inclination, neither of which are present in my house right now.  Here are some that caught my eye:

That’s Crafty!  Valentine’s Day Photo Cards at Savvy Sassy Moms (pictured at top)

Valentine’s Day:  Lunchbox Love at 5 Minutes For Mom

Adorable Vintage Valentines For Teachers at Momfluential

Valentine’s Crafts For Kids at Pragmatic Mom

10 Sweet & Easy Valentine’s Day Treats at Atlanta With Kid

What Valentines are YOU making?