Let Tiny Prints Make Valentines For You

It’s a few days before Valentine’s Day.  The stores are all out of Transformers Valentine packs, and you have to send 23 of the love notes with your kid to his class party.  You simply do not have time to whip up 23 chocolate dipped heart shaped delights that will show off to the other kids and their parents how crafty you are.

Ah, but you do have the Internet, which is where all of your adorable pictures of Junior live anyway, right?

Tiny Prints, a division of Shutterfly, has a wide selection of designs you can choose from to create personalized Valentines.  At this late juncture, you’ll have to try for expedited shipping, but it’s worth it, because look:


Even though the website gave the cards’ dimensions, I didn’t realize how perfectly small these cards were until they arrived.  They are exactly the same size I remember of the Valentines from my own childhood, but they are classy and have my kids’ own photos included in the design.  Both both were delighted by the options online and helped me choose the photos and the final card design before I ordered.

Perfect little Valentines for little hands!

Plus, I used this opportunity to make a two-fer card:  a Valentine that we’ll send to our relatives that doubles as a late thank-you note for the Christmas gifts they sent us.

If your order is over $49, Tiny Prints will give you free regular shipping.  So if your procrastination of holiday cards extends to Valentines too, you’re good to go there!

I received complimentary Tiny Prints products to facilitate this review.  Agoura Hills Mom recommends!  Price scale: 3 out of 5 $$$.