Get Some Kitten Therapy with Soul Pancake

Best therapists ever.

SoulPancake’s Kitten Therapy booth is live at Third Street Promenade at Broadway today, 11/11/14, from 12:30 to 5PM. If you’re down on that side of town, how can you skip it? I mean what could be better than rolling around in the grass with kittens?

(1360 3rd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401)

In true SoulPancake fashion, we built the world’s first ever kitten therapy office for chronic stress cases. “Patients” step into a clear glass therapy office where they are guided into a peaceful meditation. Once their eyes are closed and their mind is beginning to clear, the “therapists” (tiny kittens) burst from the wall, providing instant stress relief with belly laughs and awwww’s. The video is full of squee-worthy moments, urban art installation inspiration, and the feel-good vibes that SoulPancake has become known for.
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