Froozer: Frozen Smoothie in a Tube

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Who doesn’t love ice pops? We’ve been eating them since we were children, basking in the sun on hot summer days, sucking the juice out of the floppy plastic sleeves, enjoying the sweet sugary flavors. As a parent, I enjoy them again with my kids in traditional flavors and now in the awesome new options that innovative makers are coming up with.

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The latest, and my new favorite, is Froozer! Described as “soft-serve fruits and veggies in a tube,” Froozer has three flavors: blue aloha, strawbanana bliss, and tropical sunset. It’s literally a fruit or fruit-and-veggie smoothie, frozen in a tube. It’s a smoothie ice pop!

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Froozer Is For Kids

For the kids, well, Froozer is definitely a better alternative to traditional ice pops. The only ingredients in a Froozer are fruits and vegetables. No added sugar, plus they are dairy- and gluten-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients.

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Froozer Is For Adults

Personally, I love them because they are an easy grab-and-go snack not just for the kids but for me! I love smoothies but I rarely take the time to make them for myself. I can simply reach into the freezer and grab a Froozer to curb my hunger pangs and know that I am getting a healthy snack full of vitamins and some good fruits in my diet. They are antioxidant-rich have no fat, and only 35-40 calories each.

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My whole family’s favorite flavor is tropical sunset, made with mangos, grapes, pineapples, bananas, and less than 1% guar/acacia (a natural source of fiber). The kids can’t taste the carrots, so they don’t complain, and we all think it tastes like vacation.


In Southern California, you can buy Froozer at Stater Bros. stores, or you can purchase them in bulk online on their website or Amazon. It is awesome having a freezer full of healthy cold snacks for when the weather gets hot!

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