What’s Your Story? Expressing Motherhood Accepting Submissions 2/16/15

exmo spring 15

Expressing Motherhood is a stage show in which people stand before you and tell – or perform – their stories about mothers. About being mothers, having mothers, loving or hating mothers, losing and remembering mothers.

I’ve seen the show more times than I can count now, over the years. The producers have staged it all over Los Angeles, and in New York, Chicago, and Boston. Last winter I was honored to be included in the show myself. My story was the mostly humorous tale of my long evolution from relatively cool person into a suburban PTA mom. My co-stars were 11 incredible storytellers. There were songs, laughter, tears, and wine flowing in the green room.

Expressing-Motherhood-Show-in-HollywoodPhoto by Desiree Eaglin

Submissions for the spring Los Angeles show will be accepted on Monday, February 16. All you need to do is share your story. You don’t have to be a writer or a performer. Just type up your story – one that takes you 5 minutes or less to read out loud, and send it in to the email address given on the website. The power of your story is what drives your submission. No in-person audition necessary.

Here are some tips and requirements:

*Pieces need to be NO longer than 5 minutes when read aloud. Please read them aloud and time yourself.

*Make sure it’s your story about motherhood, not someone else’s.

*Pieces about small portions of motherhood often make very interesting pieces versus a broad “Motherhood is hard” piece.

*I’m looking for stories about motherhood. That means you don’t have to be a mom. You can be a son, a woman who chooses to not have children. Etc.

I encourage you to submit if you have a great story that is bursting to come out of you. Keep your eye on ExpressingMotherhood.com for more information.