EVER Skincare 30 Day Challenge Results

Back in February I told you I was taking the EVER Skincare 30 Day Challenge, in which I would follow a skincare regimen not once but twice a day. Yep. Cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate, in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed, even though I am lazy.

30 day challenge

Thirty days is the recommended length of the challenge because that gives you enough time to form a new habit. In this case, I’d be adding a whole new event to my day, plus adding steps to my usual wash-and-moisturize-that’s-it routine.

So how did I do?

Skincare Twice a Day

Well, I was pretty good at sticking to washing my face (and the rest) in the morning. After all, if I don’t wash my face before I leave the house I feel undone. So I had that one down.

But doing it at night when I am already exhausted was indeed a challenge. I was faithful for the first week, and then I started to skip it here and there, but I will give myself the credit that I deserve. Now I am changed. I wash my face at night as a rule, but skip it on occasion. That is way better than I used to be, so I consider this challenge met.

Implementing New Steps

I have sensitive dry skin, so my specialist, Bianca Sanderson, advised me to do the exfoliation step with REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads only a few times a week. Even then, my skin did go through an adjustment phase, when the impurities were coming out and being swept away over a stretch of about a week. During that time when my skin felt dry and bumpy, I added a thin layer of the rich Hydralift cream under the final Hydralight moisturizer in the morning.

4 simple steps, AM & PM, for real, visible results. #EVERInspired #realresults

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There have been plenty of days and evenings when I want to be lazy and skip the intermediate steps, but I was on a challenge, so I made myself stick to it. And sure enough, now I reach for the peel pads or the YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face & Eye Serum without even thinking about it.

How’s My Skin?

I didn’t expect to see a difference in my skin in only 30 days. I see my skin every day, so any change is gradual. But if you look at my before and after photos side by side, I think there is a difference. My eyes certainly seem brighter!

before after face

before after eyes closeup

I did the best I could here with the lighting and camera angles. The point is, my skin feels better. That exfoliation phase really brought out the fresh clean skin under what was on the surface, and overall it feels less dry than ever before. Continuous skincare is something I hadn’t made a priority, but now I do!

The EVER Skincare kit is meant to be a 60-day supply, but I think it will last longer because I don’t have to use a lot of it. So I guess this is just how I take care of my skin now.

Curious? You should try it. EVER Skincare, with Bianca Sanderson. Tell her I sent you.


I’m Taking the EVER Skincare 30 Day Challenge

The EVER Skincare kit is made up of four steps to take morning and night, like a workout for your skin. I’m going to use it morning and night for 30 days to get in the habit of taking care of my skin. 

ever skincare kit

EVER Skincare is the recently launched line of skincare products with natural ingredients from the same company that sells Stella and Dot jewelry. EVER Skincare products are sold through reps, known as “specialists,” who are trained in how to use the products and answer your questions. I met Bianca Sanderson at an event recently. She’s a local business woman who found a special talent representing products she loves, and turned that passion into a business that helps support her family while also allowing her to have a flexible schedule while her sons are still school-aged. I love hearing stories like that!

Bianca demonstrated the EVER Skincare regimen for me, patch testing the products out before I committed to the challenge. Each product is made of natural ingredients and smells and feels great on my skin.

What is the 30 day challenge?

EVER challenges you to follow the steps, each morning and night, for 30 days. You need to stick to the regimen to see the full effect on your skin. After all, to stay in shape you need to keep working out and eating healthy, right? Well, your skin is the same way: unless you take care of it, your skin will age faster!

To help demonstrate the change, I took close up photos of my face that I will compare to photos I take 30 days later. Here’s a ridiculous video of me telling you why I am doing this:

So. Every night I have to use the following products:

1. Cleanse: Since I have dry skin, I use the LUMINOUS Cleansing Balm, which feels like a cream or ointment, and rinses off feeling smooth and silky vs. squeaky and dry.

2. Exfoliate: The REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads gently remove old dead skin cells. Since my skin is very sensitive, I don’t use this every time. I’ll be building up to it gradually.

3. Treat: YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face & Eye Serum goes on next to treat fine lines and wrinkles (and for you younger types, keeps your skin youthful).

4. Moisturize and protect: In the morning I use Daylight moisturizer with SPF, and in the evening a more intense cream called Hydralift. When my skin is feeling especially dry in the morning I can use a thin layer of Hydralift and then use Daylight for the protection from the sun.

Here is another ridiculous video in which I point out for you the things I find especially cool about the products:

I don’t mind doing all the steps, unless I’m rushing, or exhausted, and I don’t feel like dealing with it. But I am committed to the process, and I want to take care of my skin. Stay tuned as I report my progress! And if you are curious about EVER Skincare, check them out and tell Bianca I sent you!

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EVER Skincare 30 Day Challenge