Win a White Pizza from Fresh Brothers!

Fresh Brothers introduced a seasonal White Pizza recently, and I sampled one with my family. Spoiler alert: delicious food bomb. I recommend. Read more to enter my giveaway to win your own delicious White Pizza!

Fresh Brothers’ three cheese White Pizza features dollops of creamy ricotta, romano and crushed garlic on fresh-made crust drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, layered with ricotta and topped with all natural mozzarella. You can customize the White Pizza and choose from your favorite toppings, and you can also choose thin-crust, skinny-crust or deep dish crust with the option of gluten-free. The new pizza is available at all 18 locations across Southern California, for a limited time.

white pizza at fresh brothers slice

“We wanted to create a fresh and flavorful new pizza for families and friends to share during the holiday season,” says Adam Goldberg, CEO and Founder of Fresh Brothers. “Our customers and team members were seeking an alternative to our fresh packed tomato sauce and we’re excited to deliver on their requests.”

white pizza ad fresh brothers

The pictures look great, but I wondered if my kids, who have only had red-sauce-lined pizza, would like this new creation. I ordered some of Fresh Brothers’ amazing meatball sliders, too, just in case.

The verdict: three out of four of us really love the White Pizza. The deep dish crust version makes it decadent – it’s a hot, cheesy pile of dough and cheese. I mean, what could be better? The fourth (our youngest) gave it a try but he likes his Fresh Brothers meat and sauce, so sliders it was for him.

meatball slider fresh brothers

The White Pizza is only available at Fresh Brothers during the winter holidays, so get over there and try it now! Enter here to win a virtual coupon for one! Just leave a comment ON THIS POST by 11:59 PM on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 23) to enter, and make sure you use a valid e-mail address. The winner will be chosen at random and notified on Black Friday (Friday, November 24). Extra entries if you follow @agourahillsmom on Instagram or join my new Facebook group (I know…), Moms of Agoura Hills (mention your follow or your group request in your comment to get the extra entries). The prize: One Medium Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza, One Medium White Pizza and an order of sweet knots (3x) from Fresh Brothers.

Delivery only available for residents within 3 miles of Fresh Brothers stores throughout Los Angeles. No expiration, service charges or dormancy fees. This virtual gift card will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. Not valid at LAX. My family received a complimentary, delicious Fresh Brothers meal. All opinions and full bellies are our own.

Mother Nature’s Meat – Hearst Ranch Beef at Local Whole Foods Markets

courtesy of Whole Foods Market

When you bite into a juicy cheeseburger, do you think about the source of the beef?

When the cheese is oozing out of the sandwich and the juice drips down your chin, do you wonder about the health of the cattle that gave you this meat? Or how far the harvested beef had to travel to get to the store where you bought it?

Me neither. I simply enjoy a tasty burger. Or a nice juicy medium-rare steak. I’ve been doing it for years.

And then, like a lot of Americans, I watched Food 101 and I read Fast Food Nation. Blecch, right? Never eating meat again. Until the next time I was on a long road trip and McDonald’s was the only establishment for miles where one could buy a quick bite to eat and keep going. Sigh.

But when I am grocery shopping, I do pay attention to the quality and sources of the foods I buy. I have gone out of my way to visit small markets to buy organic chicken and hormone free beef. I don’t do this all the time (because hello, hate traveling east of Calabasas if it’s not totally necessary) but when I do I always feel better about sinking my teeth into a perfectly grilled steak.

During this season, I can just go to Whole Foods Market in Thousand Oaks, because it is among 18 Southern California locations that will be selling organic antibiotic-free beef from locally raised grass-fed cattle at Hearst Ranch. Yes, the same Hearst as in Hearst Castle. Right up the coast. It’s as fresh, healthful, and eco-friendly as you can get living here in the Conejo Valley.

Photo by Richard Field Levine

Photo by Richard Field Levine (click to visit site)

I sampled ground beef ($9.99/ lb for 7% fat and $7.99/lb for 15% fat) and top sirloin ($13.99/lb). Both were very flavorful, and I discovered that there are a few things to remember when cooking grass-fed beef. From the Hearst Ranch website:

-Grass-fed beef cooks about 30% faster than conventional beef because it is leaner and richer in healthy fats, which melt quicker at a lower temperature than fats in conventional beef.

-Because grass-fed meats cook quickly, marinating them is a good way to add moisture and interesting flavors.

The burgers were juicy and the steak was delicious, but the best part about digging into these meals was that I knew the beef was just better.  And that peace of mind is worth it. Hearst Ranch beef will be sold at 18 SoCal Whole Foods Markets through August 2013.

I received a complimentary sampling of Hearst Ranch beef to facilitate this feature but no further compensation. Yes, as it turns out, I will work for meat.