Snuggle Up In a Halfshell – TMNT Delta Children Inflatable Chair

Here’s a cool gift for your favorite little snuggler/gamer/couch potato! The Teenage Mutant Inflatable Ninja Turtle Delta Character Chair!
It’s a club chair design that comes in 4 styles: Cars, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Ninja Turtles. This inflatable chair is covered with a plush character cover. At first my son didn’t quite get the point. I guess it was cold in the house when we opened the package?
All you have to do to blow the chair up is line the openings in the cover with the nozzles on the plastic inflatable part. It was a little tricky for my boys to do this but once we got them lined up, we used a pump that came with an air mattress and the whole thing inflated really quickly!
 This chair is great for relaxing or playing, and you can just deflate it to put it away and take it back out again whenever you want! It retails for $29.99 on and would be a fun holiday gift!
IMG_2508Happy as a turtle!
I received the Ninja Turtle chair as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program.

How to Dress a Boy: French Toast Clothing


My 10-year-old son does not care what he wears as long as he can get dressed once and never change his clothes again. Unfortunately for him he is growing very quickly, so that a shirt or a pair of shorts that fit him fine one day looks ridiculous on him the next. Yes, he grows overnight like the Hulk getting angry. On those days I have to send him back to his room to change and thus begins a terrible day.

In addition, being a physical child, he tends to but holes in his clothing. Even the khakis we keep on hand for him to wear to church and the occasional fancy occasion. I remember a certain pair of khakis he put on his body, wore to his first confession at church, and then promptly tore a hole in the knee while horsing around with a friend during the little reception in the church yard after the ceremony.


Anyway, the point is that when I was invited to try out French Toast clothing for kids as part of the Back to School #ScoutBox program from Savvy Sassy Moms, I seized the opportunity to find some sturdy, good-looking clothing for this boy. French Toast makes school uniform clothing for kids, and even though my son’s school doesn’t require uniforms, I still found some classic styles, and colors I wanted to try for him.

IMG_2840Boys’ long-sleeved interlock knit polo, $14

For shirts I chose a short-sleeved polo in his school color (red) and this beautiful baby blue interlock knit long-sleeved polo. The fabric is so soft it feels like he’s already worn it several times, but it looks great on him.

For pants I chose two colors of the same style: adjustable waist double-knee pant. It seems like the solution to my boys’ pants problems! Reinforced knees to prevent tears, and adjustable waist to allow for all of the growing! I thought I’d throw some maroon into the mix because I guess I didn’t get enough of that color when I wore my own uniforms in high school. But that’s another story.

Unfortunately for me this is the only picture from the photo shoot he so begrudgingly allowed that he will let me show you that includes the pants. But actually, I rather love it. Captures his personality perfectly:

IMG_2847Boys’ adjustable waist double-knee pant, $20

He hasn’t worn the clothing to a rough-housing session with his brother or friends, so I can’t yet report on the durability, but they do show promise. And if your kids wear uniform clothing to school, French Toast clothing is a great place to find quality pieces in all the traditional colors and sizes.

Lunchbox Treats That Aren’t So Bad For Them

I do my best, but packing lunches gets boring after a while. Depending on what we have in the cabinets, I toss in granola bars, pudding packs, applesauce, or the rare homemade chocolate chip cookie. I also slice fruit — usually apples — and put the slices in a plastic bag and squeeze in a few drops of lemon or lime juice to prevent browning. Two days out of five those fruit slices come back home with one or the other child, but then that becomes his after-school snack.

In our awesome Scout Box from the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts Program we found a few great new snacks to try. I’m happy to report that among my two boys, all of the snacks were a hit for either or both of them. And two of them are being demanded to make repeat appearances. Both of those products are from Plum Organics, the company that makes nutritious organic food for kids from babies to …well, let’s just say adults have eaten their foods, too.

boy eating plum organics mash ups

Fruit & Veggie Mashups: These are like those apple sauce pouches that you slurp the applesauce out of, eliminating the need for a spoon to be packed in the lunch. Plus the little caps can be recycled. I had tried out these squishy packs from a different brand over a year ago and neither of my kids liked them. I guess my 3rd-grader forgot all about that failed experiment, because he ate two of these “beetbox berry” flavored pouches right after we opened the box. Then he asked me to buy them again. I don’t think he knows there are beets in the recipe…

IMG_2242Plum Organics Mashups: $3.99 for a box of 4

It’s kind of awesome that each of the boys picked a thing they liked because they didn’t have to fight over who got to eat the most of any certain snack. The 10-year-old had to contend with me, though, when it came to the Jammy Sammy box:

IMG_2243Plum Organics Jammy Sammy snacks: $4.19 for a box of 5

Because hello, it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich snack! What could be better? Actually, their school recommends peanut-free snacks, so this selection was great for other outings, or an after-school snack. And for Mom. They also come in peanut-free flavors.

Another snack we wouldn’t have normally tried but was a pleasant surprise for all of us was the box of Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies. Better than the alternative (that I usually buy) these bunny snacks contain 100% real cheese, organic wheat, and absolutely no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives. This box didn’t even make it to the first day of school.

IMG_2244Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies: $5.09 for 7.65 oz box

Gummies that are good for you: this isn’t exactly a traditional lunchbox item, but it could be added in a fun little container for your child to discover a tasty treat while at school. Smarty Pants gummy vitamins look like gumdrops – they are sprinkled with organic sugar! – but they are not candy. These sweet chewables are multivitamins that are great for kids and grownups too. One out of two of my kids absolutely loves them, and requests them. Who ever heard of a kid requesting to take his vitamins?

boy with smarty pants vitamin gummiesSmartyPants Vitamins: $24.95 for a one-month supply

What snacks do you put into your kids’ lunch boxes or bags? I’d love other suggestions, because even I get bored putting the same old things in their bags every day.