Kowalski for School Board in LVUSD

I have worked hard to support Las Virgenes Unified School District as a parent, a volunteer, and an employee. That’s why I support Kiyomi Kowalski for School Board.

kowalski for school board and kidsKiyomi Kowalski and her two sons

Our family moved to Agoura Hills in 2010, intent on enrolling our older son, who was about to enter Kindergarten, at Mariposa School of Global Education. Because of the wait list and the way the timing worked out, he ended up at Yerba Buena Elementary School, as did his little brother. We were all happy there. Eventually I got involved in the school’s Parent Faculty Association, serving as its president for two years.

I love this school district and the community that has grown up around it. It’s hard to go anywhere in Calabasas, Agoura, or Westlake without running into a parent or a child we know from school or sports. We feel at home here. Las Virgenes Unified School District is our home. Because I feel so strongly about this great district, I have supported it with my time, my skills, and my money.

That’s why I am supporting and endorsing Kiyomi Kowalski for School Board in the election on November 6.

kowalski for school board insta frame

While I recognize that the current board members have been part of the evolution of LVUSD’s ability to offer robust, safe, and engaging educational opportunities for our children, I believe it’s time for adding “a bit of the new school to the old school.” She will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the great responsibility of making high-level decisions for the entire district. These decisions affect the curriculum, the staffing, the well-being of teachers, the way the district spends vast amounts of money, and so much more. Kowalski is one of us: a parent, a professional, a passionate advocate for education. She also has rich experience as a lawyer who advocates for the underserved, and as a Marine who served our country.

kowalski for school board marine

I began my life of service 21 years ago today by stepping on the yellow foot prints at Parris Island for Marine Corps boot camp. I continue to serve our community and I’m excited to serve our children on the Las Virgenes School Board. Vote Kiyomi Kowalski for school board in 2018 and let’s bring a bit of new school to the old school!

I urge you to meet Kiyomi. You will find her to be warm, empathetic, interested, and caring. You will witness her infectious passion and her ability to speak with wisdom and information about the issues that affect our students and community. Read about her goals for the school district. She’s well-informed and equipped to make tough decisions.

You know how hard I’ve worked to support Las Virgenes Unified School District. Join me by voting for Kiyomi Kowalski for School Board on November 6.

For more information, to meet with Kiyomi, and to support her campaign, visit KowalskiForSchoolBoard.com.

P.S. I take it for granted that people know how the LVUSD school board is elected, appoints a superintendent, and votes on big issues for the district. But I realize that most parents and voters don’t really pay attention to these things. If you have any questions about how it works, and want to know so you can make your own informed decision about how to vote, send me an email at kim@agourahillsmom.com, and we’ll chat. 

Did You Know There’s an Election Next Week? November 5!

signs do not reflect endorsement of candidates by this website

signs do not reflect endorsement of candidates by this website

Calm down, everyone. I’m not running for office. I know you’re sad about that. If this were a contest about whose website is the best, I’m pretty sure I would win. But this is actually about important things, like schools and city ordinances and how your tax money is spent.

I’m not suggesting that if you didn’t know about the election you’ve been living under rock. All I am saying is that we get caught up in our busy lives, and if you don’t happen to read the Acorn, or Patch, or see the proliferation of campaign signs on medians and front lawns all around town, you might not realize that Election Day is next Tuesday, November 5. There’s no flashy presidential vote, or even one for mayor. Just some local level – but still very important – positions for which we are called upon to choose the best candidates.

School Board

This is district-wide for the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Five people are running for three open spots on the board that makes important decisions for our schools that affect our children and our neighborhoods. The candidates are:

Angela Cutbill

Mary Jo Ammon

Lesli Stein

Ray Pearl

Dallas B. Lawrence

City Council

These are the men and women who make up the governing board of the city of Agoura Hills. If you have a beef, or a suggestion, they are the ones who will hear it. Use them early and often. And cast your vote – again, five candidates are running for three open spots:

Denis Weber 

William D. Koehler 

Chris Anstead

Harry Schwarz

Meril S. Platzer

If you’ve ignored all the ads and the mailers that have come to your house or apartment and you have no idea when or where this is happening, LET IT BE KNOWN. It’s Tuesday, November 5, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Locate your polling place by clicking this link.