Have You Cut the Cable Cord?

cut the cord

We’ve been talking about getting rid of our “cable,” which is actually AT&T Uverse television, for years. We could live without everything on it but the sports, and really the only sports we’d truly miss is Notre Dame football. So, a few months out of the year, internet streaming TV would not cut it for us. Meanwhile we are spending all this extra money on crap TV that we barely ever watch. The kids watch it, but they would adapt.

I thought this infographic was pretty interesting. This is not a sponsored post, it just was great material that got me thinking. People actually buy antennae, called an OTA (for “over the air”) so they can pick up local broadcasts for free. JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS.


What do you think? Have you “cut the cord?” Enjoy this infographic, courtesy of Winegard, maker of OTA’s. Well played, Winegard. Well played. You made me click.