Rainy Day Activity: French Wine Tasting and Art Exhibit at Whole Foods in Venice!

Do you ever choose a book by its cover? How about buying wine by its label? I’ll confess: I do it all the time. In fact, sometimes I pick wine by the name. If I’m heading to my book club meeting and the book is, say, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and I see a wine that is called “Dementor,” I’m totally buying that one. (As long as it’s under $10. Hey, a lady has standards.)

You are in a beauty contest every day of your life
This artwork was created by a wine label designer for Whole Foods Market. Yes, it’s weird. But what if you were drinking wine and looking at it? It might still be weird, but it would be wine and weird.

Tomorrow evening (March 5) Whole Foods in Venice is hosting a wine tasting and art exhibit party featuring his works:

Join us for a fantastique wine tasting featuring samples of spectacular, value-priced French wine paired with petit fours. While you sip enjoy the art of the wine label designer and Germany-based French artist Gildas Coudrais. He brings a unique touch to wine labels and his artwork gets close to the aesthetics of pop culture. His work is reminiscent of billboards on the sunset strip but remains loyal to the European tradition. $10 per person, proceeds benefit the Whole Planet Foundation.

So, let’s recap:
wine tasting
petit fours
-only $10
-you get to look at weird art
-plus you get to go to Venice, a hotbed of weird art. I know it might be raining, so you’d stay inside anyway, why not be inside a Whole Foods drinking wine and eating petit fours?

Much to my delight, the wines being featured are under $10 per bottle, and the labels are gorgeous. I don’t even mind weird labels on wine. But I love this one:

Chantebelle-Bdx-Sens-Sauvignon-SilverChantebelle Sauvignon Blanc

$9.99/750 ml

A bright and brisk beauty with crisp citrus flavors, it’s sensational start to the evening, especially with chilled shrimp and goat cheese!

I can’t wait to try. You should come:

Fantastique French Wine Tasting & Art Exhibit featuring the works of Gildas Coudrais
Saturday, March 1
5pm – 8pm
Whole Foods Market, Venice
225 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, California 90291
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Venice.