Wednesday Links: the Hollywood Sign, Poop Dumping, Klout Scores, and Coffee Talk With Bruce Sallan

Photo by Ted VanCleave

Did you know you can send your visiting guests off on a Disney tour of Hollywood?  Get them out of the house for a day.  You’ve been there, done that.  Have someone else show them around.  Also, if they ask where you can see the Hollywood sign – just send them to this article on CBS Los Angeles.

Think the dog poo problem in Agoura Hills is bad?  Some people are dumping adult diapers on the sides of the roads in Orange County.

I’m “almost-famous.”  Groupies can line up outside the front door – this is an article about Klout, an online service that measures your digital influence.  See what I have to say about it.

And then there’s this.  Bruce Sallan, a local blogger whose truck you may have seen around town – it’s hard to miss with its #DadChat logos all over it – made this video of us talking at the new cafe on Thousand Oaks Blvd. at Lake Lindero, The Rabbit Hole.

“San Dimas high school football rules!”  If this were a giveaway post, you’d have to leave a comment with the name of the movie from which that quote is taken in order to enter, but it’s not a giveaway post, so just watch to the end of this video to find the answer just for fun.