One Last Hope For Cereal Lovers Who Can’t Eat Grain: Quinoa Pops

quinoa pops with strawberries and yogurt

I’ve written before about how I had to eliminate most grains from my diet. It’s just better that way, for me. I still indulge every now and then, and my go-to indulgence is a bowl of cereal, because man, I love cereal. At least now I pour almond milk in it. That’s a 50% decrease in Things That Are Bad For Me in that bowl.

Imagine my delight when Pereg sent me a box of their latest product – four different flavors of their new cereal, Quinoa Pops.


Made by popping whole grain quinoa under high pressure and a bit of heat (like popcorn), the popped quinoa is then combined with natural flavorings like pure cocoa powder, premium vanilla and natural strawberry flavors to create a delightfully pure, simple and yummy treat. Only 100 calories per serving, Quinoa Pops contain no cholesterol, and are low in sodium and sugar. Available in original, vanilla, strawberry and cocoa, Quinoa Pops are also certified gluten-free, OU Kosher, and a perfect complement to vegetarian and paleo diets.

I was very excited to try them. I poured a big bowl, added the almond milk, and…


…Well. They are definitely better than nothing. I mean, if you are super allergic to gluten, rice, oats, and any other alternative to cereal, then this is your last chance. If that is the case, Quinoa Pops to the rescue! However, to my palate they are of course not the same as say, puffed rice, or corn flakes. There is not as much crunch – in fact, they are a little bit chewier than I had anticipated.

On the other hand – there’s a lot of other things you can do with Quinoa Pops. A serving suggestion right on the packages of each flavor has you working the pops into other recipes. I tried them in yogurt with fruit, and they add a nice little flavor burst and the tiniest bit of crunch.



I also think little kids might like them. Mine are already ruined – they love their cereal just like mama does. They wouldn’t even go near this.

Looking around online I saw recipes for quinoa chocolate bars using popped quinoa, and that’s what I will try with them next. Quinoa Pops come in four flavors and cost around $6.00 for a 3.53 oz box.

I received complimentary samples of the product to facilitate this feature.