Try Giving Memories Instead of Things – Slideshows by Bari

A slideshow of memories makes a lasting, meaningful gift

christmas dinner in the 80's

Do the people in your life really need that box of cheap plastic crap that you can get on sale today for $4.99? Do you really want them to open a gift that they are going to forget the moment you walk out the door?

Think about the moments you remember – the time spent together, the milestones, the shared experiences. Even if you are far away you can make some smile, over and over again, with a thoughtfully designed photo slideshow.

Bari of Slideshows by Bari will take your photos (and even video clips) and compile them into an artful slideshow that you can show at events or send to loved ones across the miles. She made one for me so I could show it to you here: a set of memories for my grandmother (my “Nana”), who lives back in CT near most of the rest of my family. Nana has been a role model of a strong woman for me for my entire life. She had five kids and when they were old enough she started working in City Hall in my hometown and significantly influenced the culture and infrastructure of that city for decades. I remember sitting at her desk at City Hall when I was little (I don’t have a picture for that), and receiving gifts from her travels all over the world. I never knew that women were disadvantaged in any way. This is what I thought a woman was.

Nana is 93 now and doesn’t fly anymore so she hasn’t been out to visit us in several years. Our family does our best to FaceTime or Skype when we can’t be together especially over the holidays but it gets hard because my kids are such goofballs and won’t really allow a peaceful video chat call to happen.

Also, what do you get for the woman who has everything? Aside from flying to CT to be with her, which I wish I could do more often, I thought a slideshow of favorite memories would be a lovely gift. It has already been a lovely gift for me, from Slideshows by Bari:

kim from barif on Vimeo.

Bari’s turnaround time is amazing. This slideshow above has just over 50 photos in it – some that she scanned for me and some that I already had as digital files. She’ll also incorporate video clips if you have them. Her rate is usually $2 per photo, and I would say it’s totally worth it. Yes, your 9-year-old can probably make a slideshow with iPhoto, but it won’t get it done quickly (trust me) and with as much professionalism and skill as slideshows by Bari.

Slideshows By Bari
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