Weekend Activity: Free Museum Visits!

My son, then 3, helps animals enter Noah’s Ark, two by two.  Photo by Lisa Kelly.

Several museums are opening their doors to SoCal dwellers for FREE this weekend as part of an event called Museums Free For All in Los Angeles that aims to encourage people to visit these fortresses of culture.

I mean, how many times can you stand taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese when it’s raining?  I’m not gonna lie – I resort to a few hours at the mouse house on occasion, but I usually need a nap and a Vicodin afterwards.

Why not take this opportunity to branch out and learn something?  The Skirball Cultural Center is one of the participating locations.  Free admission and first-come, first-served access to the Noah’s Ark interactive exhibit for children both Saturday and Sunday.  See a full list of participating museums on Skirball’s site.