Crack Open The Acorn Every Thursday

acornI’ve worked in Agoura Hills on and off for many years, so even before we moved here in June I knew about The Acorn.  It’s a weekly newspaper that is delivered to every household in Agoura Hills – for free – on Thursdays.  Since we canceled our daily subscription to The Los Angeles Times, I look forward to The Acorn delivery with gusto.  Who knows what crimes will be published in “The Blotter” this week?  What locals will be feverishly protesting the Water District’s pay raises in Letters to the Editor?  What photos of cute children at last weekend’s community festival will grace the pages within?

We have learned about local events, recycling drop-offs, traffic closures, sales, and general news from our immediate community from The Acorn.  This week our copy was soaked through to the very middle pages because our sprinklers went off after it hit our driveway.  I was very sad about this, because reading the newspaper online just isn’t the same.  Fortunately, there are some unoccupied houses in our neighborhood, so I can snag a dry copy from one of them.