Kirby Planet Robobot: Game Review (Guest Vlogger)

kirby planet robobot boxOur family got a chance to play and review the new game, Kirby Planet Robobot for Nintendo 3DS, after we attended Kirby’s launch party in Los Angeles in June. The lovable pink hero returns in this sci-fi adventure: a villain has taken over Planet Popstar and threatens to mechanize the world. In this game, Kirby and familiar friends return, so players who loved them in past games will revisit their favorites. But there are new features, like Robobot Armor, added copy abilities, and the chance to tap a compatible amiibo figure for Kirby to inhale its capabilities and use them in Story Mode. Plus, you can play Team Kirby Clash, an RPG-style mini-game, with friends if you have additional systems and copies of the game.

Special to Agoura Hills Mom for this post is my son, Kyle, a boy I spawned and grew so that I could feature game reviews on my websites. (Not really, but it sort of sounds like Kirby inhaling an ability, doesn’t it? A little?) Kyle made this video in gamer-speak so that you would understand and know the coolest features of this new game before you start playing.

Kirby Planet Robobot kept both kids entertained while we were on a recent trip across the country. Our connecting flight got delayed 3.5 hours (I know) but this gave the kids the opportunity to play through Kirby Clash and declare it “super fun, Mom.”

boys playing Nintendo 3DS at airport

We recommend!

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Thank you to Nintendo and KidzVuz for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own (and Kyle and Brady’s).

Teen Driver Safety Event 3/10

Abrochate por amor 3 10

My friends and colleagues from are hosting Abrochate del Amor (buckle up for love), an event to promote safe driving practices among teens. Bring your new or upcoming driver to Simi Valley Ford next Thursday at 7pm (see RSVP details in the flyer). The event is FREE.

I’m never letting my kids drive. Okay I probably will but the older one is only 10. That’s forever away from being ready to drive, right? Well, the closer we get the more I pay attention to listings for teen driver safety events.

RSVP to or 909-262-9309 – let me know if you go!

Turn That Frown Upside Down at the Great Race of Agoura Hills 2013

On March 23 our entire family ran/walked the Family Fun Run event at the Great Race of Agoura Hills. It was the first time we all participated because our younger son is finally old enough! Last year, it was hard to get him in the pictures because he kept hiding. This year he stayed in the frame, but refused to smile.

brady photo face

What finally got him to smile? Not the fact that he ran almost the whole mile (to catch up and beat another kid), or the free pancake breakfast from Great Harvest Bakery (yum!), or the free pineapple juice, or the gumball from the Tomboy Vintage booth. No, it was when he had all four of our very hard-earned medals draped around his neck.


The kid loves him some hardware!

Here are more photos from the Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills, 2013. Are you in any of them? (Shout out to my pal Charlene for snapping the “finish line” pic, and to Soybu for my cute headband via MomsLA.)