Belly Up to the New Drybar in Westlake Village

Be happy that Alli Webb was looking for something to do in her spare time when her children were babies.

A hairstylist by trade, Webb started offering housecall blowouts to clients on the west side of Los Angeles, advertising by word of mouth and online message boards for parents like Peachhead.

Think about it.  The stylist comes to your house and gives you a fabulous blowout for half the price it would cost in a salon.  It’s a no-brainer.

Alas, Webb was soon so busy that she decided to partner up with her brother and open a business that offered simple, professional blowouts at a reasonable cost.  No more housecalls, but something far more wonderful was born:


Two years, 14 locations, and several copycat competitors later, Drybar has defined a new style of beauty business – the one-service salon-type location where you can pop in, get a streamlined beauty treatment, and be on your way in less than an hour, and at reasonable prices.  Drybar has locations in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, and New York, and every one of them offers the same service with the same level of professionalism.  “You can be in a Drybar and not know what city you’re in,” says Webb, proud of the way the brand has developed a high standard for training its stylists, who must first go through a two-week Drybar boot camp of sorts to ensure that their skills are in line with the Drybar name.

Location number 15 in Westlake Village near Total Woman Gym and Spa (in the plaza on Westlake Village Blvd. at Townsgate) opens this Friday, June 22.  Webb herself, who lives with her husband and two little boys in Orange County, is on site this week making sure everything in the store is just right – from the window graphics  to the big-screen TV’s (that play chick-flicks, naturally) to the placement of the mirrors, behind the client chairs.  “When I was doing hair in people’s homes, they didn’t have big salon mirrors in their kitchen or living room where we were working,” recalls Webb.  “That made it easier for me to work, and it was a great moment when the client would go into her bathroom to see her blowout and I would hear this great cry of joy when she finally saw how pretty her hair looked.  I wanted to recreate that feeling here at Drybar.”

Drybar’s decor and philosophy mimic those of a traditional bar – the client chairs are lined up along a bar-type counter, product for sale is stacked behind the bar, snacks are put out for people to purchase, “shots” of conditioning treatment are offered for an additional charge, and even the administrative staff are called “bartenders.”  Because they only do blowouts – no cuts, color, or other chemical-based treatments – Drybar doesn’t smell or feel like a full salon.  Even meeting Webb, you feel like you are meeting a girlfriend for a cocktail and a catch-up gabfest instead of coming to a stylist for a hair service.  The atmosphere is light and fun, and you leave looking like a million bucks, even though the blowouts only cost $35.

AHM gets a fantastic complimentary blowout from Drybar genius Alli Webb herself

When I visited Drybar yesterday, even though it wasn’t open yet, curious people were poking in to see what the deal was.  While they do take walk-ins, they get pretty busy Thursday through Saturday, so it’s best to make an appointment.  Although it’s brand new, this location is sure to get a lot of business sooner than later.


Canyon Salon Celebrates Dying Founder With Benefit Day

What do you do when the owner of your beauty salon is dying? You stage a benefit, of course.

Sharon Perry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, right after she opened the successful Canyon Salon at its new location in Westlake Village. Having run the salon in the TJ Maxx plaza at Lindero Canyon Boulevard for many years before that, Perry is a celebrated businesswoman in the Conejo Valley who had created a community of stylists and satisfied customers and was well-known for her professionalism and service.

Stylist Shannon Whiteside shares a bit about the salon on her blog, The Color Stylist. “Sharon Perry, a legend in hair styling, had built the most amazing salon I had ever seen, The Canyon Salon, and was bringing together the most talented group of stylists I had ever seen..The Canyon Salon has provided a spectacular environment for me to express my art. My life is filled with happy laughing clients, who leave each day, looking more radiant than when they arrived.”

Now being run by Perry’s two nieces, the Canyon Salon has been long been planning this day of fundraising for the Hirschberg Foundation, which supports research into curing pancreatic cancer, to take place on May 6. Sadly, their inspiration, Sharon Perry herself, is at the tail end of her battle with the disease, and hanging on to life by a thread. Perry may not even live to the end of this week, let alone to see how well the fundraiser does.

Still, the team at the Canyon Salon is accepting donations and offering cut rate services on Sunday, May 6 from 12 – 6pm, as a tribute to their beloved Perry, and something positive they can do together with the community in her honor, and soon, in her memory.

Agoura Hills Mom Recommends: Shannon Whiteside and Just Blown Away [Video]

Color by Westlake Village hair stylist Shannon Whiteside. Go click “like” on her FB page to sign up for a free consultation.

Style by Just Blown Away.

Shout out to friend and photographer Jennifer Johann for the tip about JBA.