March 3 is National Pancake Day

Get a free short stack (one per person) at IHOP!

IHOP hopes you will donate money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in honor of this special day. Our local IHOP is at 5301 Agoura Road at Kanan.

national pancake day

Or, celebrate at home on this amazing confluence of events: Pancake Tuesday. It’s a nutty day in my house, when there are sports practices and homework and husbands getting home late. So I started making pancakes on Tuesday 2 years ago, and it stuck. For some recipe inspiration, check out this collection I made at the Pinterest-for-food-lovers,

Check out 12 Versions of Pancake Tuesday

by Kim Tracy Prince at

First Hike of the Year – Simi Peak and China Flats

IMG_7494China Flats, on the way up to Simi Peak

Thanks to a standing arrangement with my friend Deb, I take a hike about once a week, and usually somewhere that is new to me. Deb is an important part of this because without a person who will expect me to go somewhere, I will stay in my house sitting at my desk and basically just atrophying while the kids are at school. Also, she knows all the trails and she usually drives.

This week it was Simi Peak and a short jaunt through a mountaintop meadow called China Flats. Technical expertise on this hike can be found here at Nobody Hikes in LA. I’m just here to show you how amazeballs it is at the top:


The first mile is a very do-able climb up. We were passed by a dog (and its owner).


We stopped at a lower peak to get a geocache, because that is how we roll.


Then the trail snakes around the back of the mountain and goes through these beautiful oak groves and meadows.

IMG_7479If you look closer you can see a hobbit.


And here is the view from the top. That road that heads south off to the other mountains is Lindero Canyon.


To the west you can see the ocean. Well, I guess you had to be there.


Just hanging out. In that metal drum below me is a log book you can sign to show you reached the peak.


Then we turned around and went back down the way we came up. It only took us about 3 hours, with a few breaks. I recommend!