Winnie & Kat Women’s Clothing – “Malibu Made”

#romper#blackjumpsuit The romper that I never thought I’d wear

Diane Prince lives in Agoura Hills now, but as a single mom of three living in Malibu, she created Winnie & Kat, a line of fashionable and comfortable women’s clothing sold only through her carefully chosen “stylists.” Living so close to each other and sharing a last name (though not related, not even remotely), you would think we go way back. But Diane and I only recently made an in-person connection at her company’s home office in Westlake Village.

And boy, was I blown away.


Diane is a motivating, dynamic personality and the team of stylists she has assembled – all women, all around the country – seem inspired by her and motivated in turn. Part of the reason she started the business, Diane says, was to empower women.

“’Malibu Made’ refers to the concept of starting out in my garage from my house in Malibu, until we moved to Westlake (office) and Agoura (home) for ease of being a single mom of 3 running a company,” she told me.

wrapshawl lounge pants

“Part of the W&K experience is that women in Malibu, who have access to anything they could possibly want, love our clothes as do women in places where they don’t have easy access to this type of fashion like Fort Smith, Arkansas; Clayton, MO…For example, we have just started booming in Thorne Bay, Alaska”

Indeed, what really makes Winnie & Kat work is the product itself – versatile, comfortable pieces made in downtown Los Angeles.

fleece jacket

Each season W&K rolls out a new line of basic pieces and preserves some that are tried and true. The denim look legging, the fleece jacket, the drapey T-shirt, and the maxi skirt are all emblematic of these quality designs and fabrics with a luxurious feel to them. At a weekday social, guests were served coffee and cupcakes and invited to try on the latest look.

I don’t consider myself into fashion, and I certainly don’t spend much time shopping, but I am as vain as the next woman and when I spun around in the maxi skirt/dress I coveted on one of the stylists to the ooh’s and aah’s of several strangers, I was intrigued. The fabric felt luxurious, the skirt can also be worn as a dress, and putting it on was the easy thing. A black and gray pattern, it goes with anything. In Southern California, it can be worn in any season.

marbled maxi skirt dressIt’s a skirt AND a dress, great for travel!

Emboldened by this instant success, I tried on a few other pieces, knowing I would soon be spending time at a resort in Central America. Winnie & Kat’s summer collection was perfect. Diane generously gave me a handful of designs to show off at the tropical event I was attending.

I was in Costa Rica for 9 days and I practically lived in Winnie & Kat clothing. It can be dressed up or down, serving as loungewear, swimsuit cover ups, or versatile, comfy travel clothing.

multi dress laughing smallPhoto by Cherie-Lynn Buchanan

For me the biggest standout was the romper. It’s a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit – an item of clothing I’ve been ridiculing since seeing grown women wear them to formal events back in June. But as I told Diane, one should not diss a style before one tries it on and sees how amazing it looks on one’s body type.

IMG_5337Photo by Romy Schorr

There is no easier outfit in the universe than this romper, some sparkly sandals, and a pretty necklace. I’m smitten.

You can shop online for Winnie & Kat designs but everything goes through a personal stylist. It is better to attend a home party in person (or host one) so you can try on samples before you order – the sizing can vary for different styles, plus as we all know it’s much easier to tell what works for your body type once you have it on.

Winnie & Kat is always welcoming new stylists, too. The company is only a year old and they are rapidly expanding. The way Diane Prince is forging full steam ahead it seems like her motto should be “Today: Malibu, tomorrow: the world.”

If you are local and would like to have that same introduction to Winnie & Kat that I did (and I recommend it!), attend a Girls’ Night Out or coffee at the Home Office, which they host every month since moving to the Conejo Valley.  For more information or to get involved email or call 855.936.6436


Spring Looks at The Children’s Place

lake lindero spring flowers

It’s spring for real, and here are some flowers to prove it, if you don’t believe it based on my recent garden updates! These flowers were spotted around the Lake Lindero neighborhood in Agoura Hills.

childrens place spring 2014

It is the perfect time to stock up on kids’ clothes for spring, too. I checked out the newest looks for spring at The Children’s Place last week, and aside from leaving there wishing I had a little girl to dress (and also that they made floral jeggings for adult women) I was so happy with the fashions I found.



Durability is the most important quality to me when I am shopping for clothes for my boys. If you asked them directly, though, they would say comfort and “coolness” are also very important. So I stick with elastic waistbands for pants, and “cool” prints and styles for shirts. The Children’s Place is where I often shop for them, because the durability to affordability ratio is right up my alley.

I snatched up adorable plaid shorts, polo shirts, and khaki’s for my boys and I couldn’t resist this adorable outfit for my niece.


There’s always a great sale at The Children’s Place, so it’s one of my first stops  at the Oaks mall, and now there is a store on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana, too!

Happy spring! Here’s to not putting holes in the knees of the pants the first time they wear them…

I received store credit at The Children’s Place to facilitate this feature.