Grilled Cheese For Garcetti and Beyond – Mark Peel at this is not a pop up

c/o Garcetti for Mayor 2013

Since I won’t be voting in the Los Angeles mayoral election – not because I don’t have an opinion, but because we in The Bubble don’t get a say, but that’s part of the price of being it here, isn’t it? – this is not a political post. But since the whole point of me sampling the sublime grilled cheese made by Mark Peel at the shuttered Campanile last summer was to meet Eric Garcetti, it might feel like one.

Peel and his wife, Daphne Brogdon, are longtime friends and supporters of Garcetti, and they were eager to introduce the mayoral hopeful to a roomful of bloggers from the Los Angeles area. We were encouraged to ask questions and voice our concerns. My contribution to the conversation came during the part about the state of LAUSD schools, to which I added “…that’s why my family moved out of LA.”

Garcetti was, of course, quite lovely, but his tight campaign schedule only allowed him a short time with us before he was whisked away.

Meanwhile…the bloggers feasted on gourmet grilled cheeses.  There were sandwiches of fancy cheeses, fig preserves, bacon, and many mouthwatering combinations.

I was sad to see Campanile shut down shortly afterwards. But the good news is that Mark Peel is at large, cooking at mobile Grilled Cheese For Garcetti events and now at “this is not a pop-up,” a series of chef-hosted events at Square One Dining in Hollywood. During Peel’s tenure this weekend (Feb 21-24), grilled cheese is not on the menu, alas, but I can tell you from the other times I dined at Campanile that all of the food was delicious and inspired. Oh, and the cocktails, too.

this is not a pop-up
Square One Dining
4854 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Dates: Thursday-Sunday Feb 21-24
Hours: 6:30-10pm

Reservations required