See Click Fix For That Annoying Thing


chumash park

A few weeks ago our family was at Chumash Park for flag football. I walked over to the play structure and in the distance I saw my younger boy playing with what looked like a big skateboard. I wondered where he got a skateboard. And then as I got closer I realized two things:

1. My eyesight, despite being LASIK-ed to perfection, is already getting worse because I’m getting old
2. My son was playing with a skateboard-sized chunk of metal bench.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that yes indeed, it was a giant chunk of the metal bench from the picnic table/bench combo that is standard to Agoura Hills parks. The kids were playing with these enormous tetanus risks. I told my son to put it down, and then resolved to Tell Somebody.

If you have children who play sports, chances are you have a lot of Sideline Time. You know, when you are just there, at the football/soccer/baseball field, or the basketball/tennis court, or the stands near the pool. Just there, not doing anything, maybe watching the game, maybe chatting with the other parents. I have packed my Sideline Bag with work, books, snacks, etc. to kill the time. On this day, I used some of that time to report the offending broken bench.

And I found this amazing thing: See Click Fix! I had heard that Agoura Hills introduced an app that you could use to report things that go wrong, and a little bit of Googling led me right to it!

seeclickfixBoop-beep-boop: I reported the broken bench. Someone responded right away “We’re looking into it.” Then a week later, boom, bench was gone. I created a free account and signed up to get emails from SCF, and now I get little messages every few days. Someone reports a broken streetlight BAM! Fixed. Someone sees a pile of trash illegally dumped on the side of the road BOOM! Hauled away.

It’s …like a miracle, really. I encourage you to check it out. Keep it classy, Agoura. Keep it classy.

See, Click, Fix

Agoura Hills, everybody!

Easy Summer Challenge: Agoura Hills Parks


Reyes Adobe Park during Reyes Adobe Days, 2012

There are three weeks left until my sons start school again. Three weeks! This is right around the time every year that I start to panic and realize that we haven’t had enough fun yet this summer! And I come up with various fun activities to squeeze into the remaining time.

I don’t want to drive too far too often. Maybe one day each week, I will take the kids on an excursion. I’m thinking a water park here, a museum there, and of course the beach. (I could use suggestions too, so I would love it if you would leave your ideas in a comment.)  We really don’t have to go far to enjoy ourselves because we have the pool, the hiking trails (at least  before the heat sets in!) and…drumroll please…our amazing parks!

A few weeks ago I thought it would be a fun challenge to visit every park in Agoura Hills during the rest of the summer, even those parks we didn’t know about. What I did not realize at that time was that I actually did know about all of them, and had been to visit them all on multiple occasions already!

There are only five official parks listed on the City of Agoura Hills website. If you haven’t been to any or all of them, I encourage you to check them out. For me, I’m going to revisit them and look at the experience through the eyes of a visitor to our town. So stay tuned for those park features, coming soon!