Facial Paralysis Conference, November 7 in Century City

That very first of your baby’s smiles is a moment you’ll never forget. But we take it for granted that our babies will smile — full, beaming, rays of sunshine spreading across their faces.

What if they don’t smile the way we expect?


People from babies to adults can develop facial paralysis, whether they were born with it, had a stroke, or developed a syndrome that disables one side of their face from moving. Facial paralysis PREVENTS you from smiling, showing emotion, communicating everyday things that we all take for granted with our loved ones and peers. For those who deal with it, it is DEVASTATING (on a physical and psychological level, child and adult).

Dr. Andre Panossian, director of the Facial Paralysis Center in Los Angeles, is holding a 1-day conference for families whose loved ones might be dealing with challenges of facial paralysis (child or adult). Dr. Panossian is a board-certified reconstructive surgeon who has traveled the world donating his talents and time to helping people.

The Facial Paralysis Conference will be held on November 7, 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City from 7:15 AM to 12:05 PM and costs only $75 per family.¬†Education, information, and the most innovative new options for treatment will be discussed, complete with Q & A and one-on-one appointments available. Children are welcome as there will be a special “kids’ camp” supervised by licensed childcare providers.

Dr. Panossian is the husband of one of my LA social media colleagues Jill Simonian (The Fab Mom). She and her husband are both generous with their time and their efforts, especially when it comes to children. If you know someone whose family is affected by facial paralysis, pass this information on to them. Sometimes hope comes from unexpected directions.