This Isn’t Your 80’s Carmex

Remember Carmex, those little pots of medicine-y lip balm that you’d carry around in your backpack in the wintertime when the air was cold and dry, because your sensitive skin made your lips extra susceptible to getting chapped? And the way you got used to that medicine-y smell and taste and started to kind of crave it a little, and feel out of sorts when you realized you left it in your locker or at home?

original carmexJust me?

Huh. Well, even if you’ve never heard of Carmex before, if you’re a person with lips, you should try it. It’s all modern and fabulous now, coming in tall thin tubes with great decoration on the outside.


In fact, my kids both really liked the less girly tubes and each one claimed a tube for himself. Both of my boys get pretty chapped lips, so I’m glad.

The flavor has had an update too – it still has that Carmex-y scent, but they’ve added aloe, vitamin E, and shea butter to a soft vanilla flavor. Carmex Moisture Plus also has an SPF of 15. These are available for $2.49 per tube at drugstores.


I received a glam care package to facilitate this feature. All opinions and obsessive lip balm applications are my own.