Summer, Day 1

Phineas and Ferb lied. There are only 62 days in my kids’ summer vacation as opposed to their 104.


Still, it’s a long time and many days to fill. We have already planned a camping trip, a Vegas road trip, and our typical 3 weeks in Connecticut to visit family.

Yesterday was the last day of school. I looked forward to spending today in my office in my pajamas, catching up on work while the kids max out on TV and video games. I figured if they got their fill and then some, they’d eventually get bored enough to…oh I don’t know. Play outside? Like children do?

But they are brothers, and they fight like stereotypical ones. So I had to turn off the TV. Then I had to turn off the video games. “Nobody does anything fun unless you can get along.”

One picked up a book. The other started playing with LEGO’s.

And then one started whining that he wanted a friend to come over, so I texted around and found him a playdate. But a threesome always makes for one whiny brother who usually ends up in tears, so I found another friend who was willing to host him. Now we’ve got games spread all over the house. Inventory: 2 happy kids, one off site playing with friends.

So far so good. Wish me luck.