Alcoholic Beverages at Beauty Salons and Barbershops – Coming Soon!

This is how I feel about complimentary alcoholic beverages at beauty salons:

wine cheers

Last week the California state senate voted in favor of AB1322, a bill that would allow beauty salons and barber shops to serve beer or wine without an alcohol license.

Which means your days of smuggling a glass of pinot grigio into the nail salon inside an opaque water bottle may no longer be necessary! If the bill passes, Kay’s Nails and Drybar will be able to offer you one complimentary glass of wine or beer with your service. Legally.

Limousine services and hot air balloon operators have enjoyed the ability to serve alcohol since the 80’s, so salons and barber shops would be joining them once this bill is approved.

The bill has been approved by the assembly and the senate, and once the governor approves it, party on friends!