Cheap Ice Cream Cones at Baskin Robbins, Monday August 31


Great news, sweaty Conejo Valley folks. On August 31, Baskin Robbins is celebrating its 70th birthday by selling ice cream scoops for $1.31 each! As long as it’s in a cup, sugar, or wafer cone, a scoop of the delicious treat is only $1.31 (waffle cones, as pictured below, are extra). I confirmed that our local Agoura Hills location at Kanan and Thousand Oaks is participating in this promotion. It’s one of our go-to local businesses for a little tasty pick-me-up or celebration.

boy with ice cream coneThis boy loves technicolor sherbet.


Hallelujah, Dunkin’ Donuts Is Here

Hot and Iced CoffeeOkay, not here, here. But close. The first LA-area Dunkin’ Donuts is scheduled to open at 5AM on September 2 in Santa Monica.

As part of the grand opening celebration, the first 100 people in line will receive a Dunkin’ Donuts tote bag filled with special items and the first person in line will be rewarded with free coffee for one year.

That is actually the kind of thing that the pre-child me would consider standing in line for. As for me now, well, even a new DD in town isn’t enough for me to leave the Bubble on a Tuesday morning (and finding parking there, GAWD) just to get some coffee. (And donuts. People keep talking about the donuts but true Dunkin’ lovers know what’s really important.)

Yeah yeah. Those are tasty, too.

Yeah yeah. Those are tasty, too.

Another cool thing about this opening is that they are giving $5,000 to the LA Food Bank. What a great way to celebrate.

So, anyway. In other news, Baskin Robbins is selling one-scoop ice cream cones for $1.31 on Sunday August 31. Because…heatwave and holiday weekend. Or…ice cream. Nuff said.

c31 sugar cone

Dunkin’ Donuts
1132 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405