Scenes From Reyes Adobe Days 2016

Reyes Adobe Days 2016 was just as fun and adorable as the festival always is. See below for slideshow of pictures from the parade and the park.

reyes adobe days intersection

I recently started a new day job, so I haven’t had as much time to add things to this blog. But I’m starting to get used to my new schedule, so never fear! I’ll be back with more regularity.

I love to share the places, people, and experiences that delight me around our little town on this website! The truth is, over six years after moving here I still love Agoura Hills. I only work 10 minutes away but when I pull off the freeway at Reyes Adobe Road, I feel a sense of home and beauty, especially as the weather gets cooler.

Reyes Adobe Days Photo Slideshow:

It wasn’t cool yet last weekend during Reyes Adobe Days, though. As usual, it was a hot weekend even though autumn had officially begun for the annual celebration of all things Agoura Hills. Notre Dame was playing right at the same time as the parade, but I grabbed my camera and ran out to the intersection in time to catch half of it, and then I had my son snap some photos from the festival in the park. Comment if you see yourself or your children or friends and feel free to share on Facebook!