“Lost In Living,” Documentary About Motherhood Screening This Friday

There is a lovely, quiet, and amazing film in the works.

It tells the story of a handful of women and their lives as creative people who are also mothers.

The filmmaker, Mary Trunk, followed their stories for seven years before assembling her footage into a feature-length film.

“Lost In Living” is visually beautiful and its theme is one that almost every mother that I know can understand:  the internal struggle between the woman you were before you had children and the mother you have become.  Where is the time in your life, now that you have kids, for your art or your hobby or your passion?  Does it lurk beneath the surface, waiting for your children to grow older and become more self-sufficient so that you have time to focus on your work again?  Or does it die from neglect, and with it, a part of your soul?  Or is that okay, because your mothering has wholly replaced your art, opening up a new world, a new person for you to be?

Local filmmaker Mary Trunk, herself a mother, has fashioned this wonderful piece of art from the trappings of motherhood itself.  As many documentaries have done, “Lost In Living” is now showing in the first of a series of local screenings, partnering with a local charity as the beneficiary of the donations collected that night.

Lost In Living Screening

Friday, February 1, at 7:00 PM
The Forum at All Saints Church
132 N. Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Doors open at 6:30. Screening begins at 7. The film is one hour 50 minutes. Reception and Q & A with Director, Mary Trunk, and the women in the film after the screening.

There is available street parking and the Westin Hotel (behind the church on Los Robles) offers parking for $5. Please just mention you are attending a screening at All Saints Church.

For more information about Lost in Living, please visit Ma and Pa Films.
There is a suggested donation of $5 and all proceeds will benefit The Foster Care Project.