How To Smash A Car With a Sledgehammer

First you sign up to be an Explorer, i.e. a volunteer apprentice rescue-guy/firefighter.

Then you agree to volunteer during the Public Safety Day at your fire station, during which the curious community comes out to check out the station, marvel at how clean it is, talk to the animal control officer about how best to turn in their neighbors for letting their pit bull mix off its leash to run around the neighborhood, check out the giant area street map and locate their block on it, eat your free hot dogs, take home the free goodie bags from the local water district, climb up in the rescue trucks, spray water from the fire hose, and watch a helicopter drop a load of water on an oak tree.

I’ll bet it was a super cool reward to get to do THIS in return for all THAT.






Above:  as part of this simulated rescue team, Andy Goodson, 18, uses the Jaws of Life to open the doors of a damaged vehicle.  Andy is an active member of the Los Angeles County Fire Explorer Program.  A crowd gathered to watch him and the team open this car like a tuna can.

It was super cool to watch, but I can imagine that it’s less fun and way more stressful when there are actual injured people inside.

Photos courtesy of his proud mom, Lisa Goodson.