Flashback Friday: Moving Day

Moving day is something you never forget.

moving day unloading

June 2010

My friend Sam is in town, trying to decide if he wants to move to Los Angeles. He’s lived in a lot of places, one of them New York, which he loves. LA is really, really different, amirite ladies?

am i right? amirite

I moved to Los Angeles from Connecticut in 1995. That’s 21 years ago. That’s a newly minted legal drinker ago. It’s kind of hard to believe. When I got here, my friend Lisa rented us a 2BR2BA in Pasadena with a view of the San Gabriel Mountains.

moving day 90's apartment

Pasadena – note the awesome 90’s hair, fashion choices, and distinctly post-college apartment decor

I moved to Santa Monica when I got into the entertainment industry, then I moved to the San Fernando Valley to get married and have kids, then of course, I moved here when it was time for school. As one does. And that day, my friends, was over 6 years ago already. I started this blog right around this time 6 years ago!


Almost-Kindergartener in the tree at our old house

I started thinking about all this because Sam’s boxed arrived today. I’m such a good friend that I’m allowing him to store his stuff in my garage until he decides, should he stay or should he go? Just the sight of those boxes (delivered by the rock’n’roll FedEx guy) launched me down memory lane. How time flies.

IMG_0666Our last moving day (so far), 2010

Whenever I’ve moved I’ve always said “I’m never moving again! Grr!” But now I know to never say never. I really didn’t think we would move out of Northridge, but here we are. We love it here, but who knows what will happen? I’m okay with appreciating where we are for now.

Welcome to town, Sam.