March Madness, Baseball Style

Agoura Shetland Giants uniform

Put me in, coach!

Today was the opening day of Agoura Pony Youth Baseball. There are 700 kids playing in this league across 6 divisions, and when they lined up along the track at Agoura Hills High School this morning, they were like a rainbow of little boy energy just waiting to burst through the ballon arch. Agoura Hills Dad took a picture of each team as the children marched in their little parade. Is your kid here?

Our younger son is in the youngest division – Shetland, in which they play what is referred to as “instructional baseball.” The second part of the slideshow above depicts his team’s first game, which was less a game than an exercise in futility as 18 four- and five-year-olds scampered about with varying degrees of paying attention to the action. The upside to this loosely organized sporting event was that each kid got to have his at-bat twice, and everybody hits. They get 5 pitches, and if the bat doesn’t connect that way, they get a chance to hit the ball off the tee.

I don’t know what the score was, but these kids had a great time, and everyone in the stands was laughing. Here’s to spring!